Elbert Hubbard deposited” The Greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make a mistake”.

Making mistake is a part of journey in learning. Grow with your student as a teacher. There’s a need to realize students can find information anytime, anywhere, through their cell phones, blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Wikipedia, as far as i’m concerned, we teachers are no longer the main source of information. Then what is our role as a teacher?

We need to engage and teach them (Students) on how to handle these resources through information by validating, synthesize, communicate, leverage and collaborate with all these aforementioned.

As a teacher of the 21st century, we should learn how to acquired Skills and in addition upgrade your knowledge for today’s demand. A great teacher thinks differently a progressive teacher is one who grows with the Students.

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In conclusion, as a teacher you are to restructured your thinking, reorientate yourself, change your mindset no one will develop you. I advice invest heavily in your professional development and continuously learning.

Above all grow with the student that you teach. As a teacher remember this big picture, any lesson you prepare has to be relevant, challenging and engaging. I will leave us with this quotation Babs 2013 Growing with a students automatically transforms your teaching align with the 21st century and this becomes your strength.

Little Journey Of A Growth As A Teacher. (Part- ll)

I wasn’t satisfied enough of my growth, and my hunger for learning makes me travel to the Journey of Growth. Everyday is a new experience during my researches. l stumble on a video of a 12 year old App developer Thomas Suarez’s. This boy makes me think deeply as a teacher, permit me to quote his submission: “This day student usually know a bit little more than their teachers with technology; so this is a research to educators,: that we should recognise his/her resources and make use of them”. What did you think as a teacher? Before you answer that question, it is pertinent to reminisce on Albert Einstein perspective that says: “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

This is really a provocative thought from a 12-years old boy. However, it’s a clarion call for us as a teacher to be resourceful, more importantly, have a good relationship with our students and grow with them.

As if that is not enough, Dr Dylan William assertion totally change my mindset on teaching permit me to quote him also. “For a good teacher, no amounts of success is enough.” This become a mental issue for a teacher, you better pray that you believe you are failing on daily basis because if you don’t believe you are failing you are not paying attention but more importantly it become a mental health issue for you but if you don’t think you can do a better job tomorrow than today then you will end up blaming the kids.

In conclusion, as a teacher let’s be the best in our space in addition, turn all your past knowledge and connect it to new knowledge. Allow students to engage in choice, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, Communication and lastly, more importantly Grow with your student.

Mr Babs.

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