It’s so disheartening the situation we found ourselves as a nation. Nigerians deserve the best, as a country, we need to rise in our various spaces to save this Nation. Government and the citizenry have a vital role to play making my dream translate into reality, I foresee a country that will respect the federal character principle and demonstrate religious tolerance. Nigeria of my Dream will surely emerge as country that the government will Adherence to the constitution and provide security for life and property in addition, provision of the peaceful environment, Provision of essential needs, provision of employment, provision of reliable judicial system, maintenance of law and order, protection of human rights and bilateral relationship.

All aforementioned can be possible if we have a leader, not a ruler. Our Leaders have failed to protect the interest of citizens due to the following. illiteracy, corruption, bad followership, Selfishness, lack of Justice, discrimination, lack of Press freedom etc. I do believe Nigeria of my Dream will surely emerge.

My Dream for Nigeria. First and foremost, we need a competent and visionary leader, not a ruler. This is what Nigeria of my Dream should look like, empowerment of the youth and involve them in governance. Training of teachers and free education. Invest heavily in agriculture, housing, construction and maintenance of our roads and human development. Nigeria of my dream corruption will be a thing of a past, and free of crime and terrorism. Nigeria of my dream unemployment will be vanquished and government will engage more on infrastructure.

Nigeria of my dream gender, race and discrimination will disappear and good economic policies will be in place. Nigeria of my dream educational system will be of high repute and centre for development of skills and acquisition will be uncountable.

In conclusion, Nigeria of my dream where female will be given a chance and be voted to become a president and our Governors, Minister’s and Senators will not exceed the age of 65 years. God bless my country Nigeria. Mr Babs music. I do believe in sustenance and unity of this great country.

Shosanya Babatunde Oluwaseyi.

Editorial Discretion


This article was written by Shosanya Babatunde Oluwaseyi, and sent to Eaglesforesight. The views expressed therein are entirely of the writer and not Eaglesforesight’s Echo.

Shosanya Babatunde Oluwaseyi.
Shosanya Babatunde Oluwaseyi.

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  1. So true Babatunde Shosanya, a country of poor leadership, lacking transparency and decorum and full of greed nepotism and lack of transparency. Full of egocentric norms and self actualization. Until the ombudsman in the public sector is meant to be fully active and devoid of the control of the political leadership and accountability is meant to be effective and the legal system is able to sentence all corrupted Nigerians to gaol, till then shall we have a sigh of uhuru and Nigeria of our dreams shall come to fruition, then shall employment be for those who are qualified, then shall the minimum income be able to sustain the minimum workers and the Naira shall equate the dollars and the industries shall be productive and the country shall rise above mediocrity, armed banditry, hunger and deprivation.

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