As a teacher, you must care about each student you teach because each child deserves a caring teacher. They will be able to tell by your actions, and it will come naturally. The children who are most difficult to love need it the most. #howtowinstudenthearts.

Our role as a teacher in the growth of an individual learner in the classroom can never undermine. As an educator have you ever ask yourself how does my teaching affect student positively, I believe you have exposed to the metacognition in your teaching ln addition, it’s also pertinent to understand the three domains of learning this will give you an insight knowledge and understanding of learning domain of the following will pay off permit me to mention them Psychomotor, cognitive and affective learning domain. Make a connection with your student build the relationship and embrace whole students motivate, inspired and encourage them you can never grow without making mistakes. As a teacher we should endeavour to learn other cultural teaching method. Invest in a skill that will increase your value as a teacher. My identity is to teach and produce well rounded and global student. As an educator did you really know, why you are a teacher have you ever ask yourself the reason for being in this noble profession. I encouraged teaching student about failure in our lesson and how to translate the lesson learned from failure to success you don’t have to be an English teacher before you train the student on public speaking, creative writing skills and confidence I stand being corrected. The power of a caring teacher will go a long way in the lives of students. Ask about their well being, more importantly deep knowledge of psychology will be of help a caring teacher work and connect with the student on their space and believe in their potential.

Babs 2015 opined “l believe in my students more than they believe in themselves, I will be a failure as an educator if my students do not believe in what they can do, then my knowledge of teaching is incomplete”. As a caring educator we need to remind ourselves what will my students remembered me for ? I am very exciting for the future of learning there is a paradigm shift in learning and l realise the student will always be student so as a teacher

Iet us meet them in their space have cordial relationship with them engage and make enquiry about their learning style and teach them about life and how to become a better student. In conclusion, let us make positive impact on caring for our student and sacrifice our time, energy and any decision we about to take should be align with caring for our student.


I had a pleasure of being a teacher and ready to work assiduously for the improvement of this noble profession.

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A Must Read Message To Nigerian Teachers By Shosanya Babatunde Oluwaseyi.

The benefit of being a teacher is a rewarding experience. According to University Teacher, Swinburne University Chris Drew, opined Teaching creates new knowledge. Teaching is also a great way to create new knowledge through research and discovery to help be part of that continued growth and development. The benefit of teaching is essential to improve the sustainable education. At the same time, teachers acquiring new knowledge and dire enthusiastic about new experiences.

The teacher creates a future of the country. As a teacher we have a great role to play out of all professions, teaching is an excellent profession. Keep learning as a teacher and be honest with yourself, technology has taken a prominent place in the classroom and having the necessary equipment helps in delivering the best. Nigerians deserves the best education and I do believe in the future of this country. Nigeria will be great again the future of the country is bright. Inclusiveness key to teaching. As a teacher our focus should be on individual students, ensuring that they made progress on their personal learning, continuous evaluation is a good way of keeping track. In order to address the menaces and anomaly in the educational system. Government needs to invest heavily in infrastructure, training of teachers in modern methods of teaching and technology. A good curriculum that has a platform offers an opportunity for practical work and engagement of students in 21st century skills. In conclusion, let us begin to touch lives through our teaching and mould the mind in a positive way the incoming generation.

Lastly, the benefit of being a teacher is innumerable and tantamount to rewarding experience, changing the lives of our students positively should be our goals in addition, we should strive to transform the future of education as a teacher we have the power to inspire, encourage, motivate our students through learning.

Editorial Discretion: This article was written by Shosanya Babatunde Oluwaseyi and culled from His timeline. The views expressed therein are entirely of the writer and not Eaglesforesight’s Echo.

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