The Take It Back Movement, Student Wing Expresses Displeasure Over Arrest Of SUG President, Others At Tai Sholarin University Of Education, TASUED

In a press statement observes by Eaglesforesight as forwarded by Comrade Damilare Adenola, the National Coordinator of Take It Back Movement, it was gathered that the movement has registered their displeasure over the arrest of the peace loving students of Tai Sholarin University of Education.

“The attention of the Take It Back Movement has been drawn to the heinous and draconian actions of armed-military men on the peace loving students of Tai Sholarin University of Education.”

The National coordinator says, with dismay, the movement received the news about how the peaceful and law abiding students of Tasued who were going about their daily activities were not only extorted in broad day light but were also unjustly exploited by unruly and unconscionable military men.

Adenola further said that they also gathered from information reaching him; that in the heat of the crises and show of pains of this dastard act committed by these evil men, the good students of Tasued took to streets where some of the students were illegally arrested and unconstitutionally detained by these same unruly military men.

It must be understood that, you cannot beat a child and expect that the child do not cry. The students of the great Tasued have come out to show their displeasure as regards the broad day light extortion and exploitation of exorbitant fees and undue clampdown by the military men.

“The movement finds it offensive and more of a gross violation and encroachment on the rights of the students to move freely as contained under section 41, CFRN and to freely speak their minds in public gatherings as safely guaranteed under the sections of 39 & 40, CFRN.”

“That military men will unduly and unruly clamp down and exploit students is a pointer that we are in a full blown Hitler regime . We cannot continue to live in the hobbesian state where life was solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short, for goodness sake this is supposed to be a democracy.”

The movement is not only in support of the resolution of the students union of Tasued where it has declared that today be a free lecture and free exam day, but it has also hold that if this unconscionable act by the military men on the students continues, it will not hesitate to organize students of the wing on logical and social grounds to combat such act to a standstill through civil mass action. He says

“In addition, we call on the Ogun state government, the ministry of education and other appropriate government quarters to put a stop to the never stopping oppression of innocent students in Ogun states. Of course it is correct to put, in an environment where students are not safe to go about with their academic affair, such has declined to a prison in open space and not an educational one.”

Finally, we call on the generality of the students of Tasued, teeming leadership of the Student Union Government, ASUU, NASU, SSANU and all well-meaning students of Nigeria to join in solidarity to fight this dastard act.

Injustice to one is injustice to all.

Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta.

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