A TRIBUTE TO FEMI OSIBONA (FOURSCORE) & OTHER DEPARTED SOULS: – “Death ends a life but not a relationship”- Lahbash!


It was a sudden parting, too bitter to forget. Those who individually loved you so dearly are the ones who can’t forget you even long after your departure.


We oftentimes sit and think of what might probably had happened. And think of inevitable and chances of survival. And to think of the worse scenario of not saying good bye before closing your eyes. You were suddenly no longer in lives.


The blow was hard, the shock severe.


To part with one we loved so dear, Our loss is great, we will not complain but shall trust in God to meet you again


Our Ex-May family chain is broken💔😭.


Nothing seems the same but as God calls us one by one. The link shall join again.


And to concerned authorities and individuals, we must look upon the upcoming change in our built environment as a new and exciting adventure… Especially for those who lost their lives in this ugly yet preventable incident.


We are not only going to miss you but shall always remember you all in our hearts, as we pray for God to be with the families you all left behind.


Let me drop my magic pen at this juncture to pay and give my last respect to the demised as we shall by one day meet not to path again.💔😭

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