Continuation 2: Still on Economy and Governance

How PMB is Shaping Nigeria for the Betterment of Current and Future Generations In Accordance to the Global Order of Today’s World. He will spend 8 years in the Villa as an elected president governing about 210M or 2/12 of global’s population; Or that can be broken into 96 months or 416 weeks or 2,920 Days; In a larger form of calculation, President Buhari will spend 70,080 hours to complete the mandate given to him by the majority of Nigerians via the Democratic system.

This writing understands that people with the knowledge of globalization policy or global development can understand the point of this writing:The major mistake of Buhari’s Government has been it’s inability to get knowledgeable and competent persons and experts on a political communication team to communicate the exact direction that the Government is heading towards; the global directions for development of the country.

Political Democracy is a game of information and Communication. If a Government fails to communicate its policy directions for development; citizens will misinterpret its move negatively and opposition parties will use that opportunity to propagate against the Government and it’s policies.


The status or condition of Nigeria between 1999 to 2015 was perilously shaped by the very few elites deceptively based on mirage imagination. This means that not minding or sacrificing for the sake of future generations (one time on my way home for holiday from University of Kent School of Politics in Brussels, Belgium in 2010 I sighted a huge undeveloped land along the way to airport and it confirmed to me that it was being reserved for future generations yet unborn to be used in the next 60 years!). That is what we call in political strategy a “serialized strategic planning based on the calendar time frame”.

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In between those years of 1999 to 2015 Nigeria was almost out of the global economic network due to corruption, naivety, laziness, maladministration (generally bad governance) and economic recklessness of the past leaders of the country. Economy is the institutional technology of human life. And again, the ultimate target of every leader globally is his nation’s and citizens’ economic well being. If not for the emergence of President Buhari; no political, economic or social scholar would be able to predict the position of Nigeria among the comity of nations in terms of security, economy and democratic governance. PMB visited almost 80 Nations all with a view to redeem the image and glory of Nigeria within the comity of Nations. Despite the insecurity many investors has been coming to Nigeria for Investments. Nigeria is one of the huge market in global economic interplay.

One may need to know why and how the name of Nigeria is missing among the 30 global emerging economies; such nations as Kuwait,

S/Arabia, Qatar, Macedonia, S/Korea, UAE, S/Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, India, Argentina,Turkey, Mexico, Indonesia and so on? 

How many countries around the world are not on the bandwagon of global economic integration? How many countries around the world are not on the network of global democratization and multiculturalism? How many nations around the world have not joined the global economic competitiveness? Should PMB create his own pathway (like N/Korea, Cuba or Venuzuala) and separate Nigeria from the globalization policy? How huge is Nigeria’s population (only 2%/-1/2 of global population) and economic strength that it could be able to separate itself from global political and economic network? Who can answer these questions?


There is no human nation that is not under the policy of global political, economic and social governance of United nations. All the global world orders and policies (health, education, sports, security, peace keeping, economic interplay, population, agriculture and so on) are under the influence of UN’s agencies that determine the global political and economic policies.

The globalization policy means—global interconnections in terms of economy, communications, transport, knowledge, workforce, trade, FDI, or as observed by J S Odama and others (2004) “being present world wide at the global arena. This implies visibility, immediacy, or availability. Thus an issue, object, value(s), institutions, or practices are globalized either through commerce, production, consumption, politics and information technology and are considered relevant in global-centres.” (Globalization and the Third World Economy, Lagos, 2004). This means globalization or UNIVERSALITY or UNIVERSALIZATION of world activity. Or as observed by Professors John Belis, Owen and 27 others (The Globalization Of World Politics, 2020,USA).

To continue inshaAllah

Abbati Bako,psc,bsis, Kent,UK, Political Strategy and Communication/Public Affairs Analyst/ Consultant and Special Adviser to the Governor of Kano State on Public Affairs

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