As 2022 Governorship election is fast approaching in Ekiti State, Princess Adekemi Adewunmi has draw the battle line with Senator Biodun Olujimi as two of them were among the top contestants in the forthcoming Ekiti 2022 election.

“Sen. Biodun Olujimi called me several times on the 1st of January 2022, after my statement online, obviously to show anger, I refused to pick up, I was not ready for arguments on the 1st of January 2022. She then called our mutual friends to send serious warnings to me, she promised to go physically and spiritually with me, I feel sorry for her, she will use her own hand to do herself. She said she is a snake Payton and her food always come to her and she will swallow them up, I laughed, because I am not for swallow, big, big, mistake on her part, this time she has met her senior, Anaconda that plays with “Rules of Law”. That her snake will never come to my lions den. Her snake will pick race. What is in me, is bigger than her.

“Is this a Senator or what. She is not a lady at all. I thought she was one, I am highly disappointed at her. A woman, that can’t support women to a higher level, she wants to be the only woman to be heard in Ekiti State and the National, hell no, i am in Ekiti State and National to stay and achieve. This bitterness to me from Olujimi is too much, this woman hates me.

“All the empowerment they are doing is Ekiti people’s rights, they are not spending their personal money, it is the allocation money. Ekiti State people, don’t think they are doing you favours, it is your entitlements.

“All I hear is Olujimi’s achievements and everyone’s achievements. Let’s talk about how many people all of you have placed in Muti-National offices and their own achievements. Let’s grow Ekiti people please, instead of growing ourselves alone and our children. All can work together, families and friends.

“Olujimi is busy building shopping Malls all over Abuja, one is opposite Chocolate Mall in Abuja, while you guys are in Ekiti State collecting Mechanics, fridges, freezers, generators, rice etc…etc, all that calculations, is to win you guys mind over, which is good and not bad, at least she is trying has a leader and that will pave way for another four years Automatic ticket. It is all bargain.

“I was in Lagos and National since inception, just moved to Ekiti State in 2018. That does not mean, I just came, I was in Ekiti State even before Fayose was sworn in, you saw the pictures taken at Akure Airport, while waiting for OBJ’s arrival 2002, I was part of the advance team, Fayose is not a stupid man, he knows better and has never told me one day, that I am new in Ekiti State, where was Olujimi, Bisi Kolawole and the rest making noise now, did you see them in the photos, NO, thank you. Unlike some people that joined us from other parties, which I have no problem with.”

“They want to cage me now, because they believe they have small power and money, impossible, they can’t cage me, they have now gone so low, trying to frustrate me and threaten me out of Ekiti State, na lie, I Princess Adekemi Adewunmi, I am here to stay, let my people go, release them from bondage and gangsters paradise.”

“Ekiti State does not belong to anyone’s pockets, why must the same group of people be in office since 2003, don’t we have enough people in Ekiti State, Olujimi while reporting me to the whole of Nigeria, said out of annoyance, that Ekiti State belongs to Herself and Fayose, that anyone that doesn’t fall inline (line me), will see nothing, jokers, they are day dreamers. What is in me, is bigger than them, I will attain my destiny against all odds, my enemies will never rejoice over me in Jesus Mighty name, the good Lord will deal with them all, according to work of their hands.”

“Na wa for this people, they have put Ekiti State in a cage, I Princess Adekemi Adewunmi, will unlock that cage and free Ekiti State from bondage. In office or out of office, that will be done by me and we have started.

Ekiti State owes me big time. 

An Owl, now the Eagel has landed. I will be the voice for the voiceless and hope for the hopeless.

“As Olujimi said she has declared war on me (find her text to my mother, through me below), battle is my middle name, I don’t take kindly to threats. I take threat to life, very personal. I don’t look for trouble ooo, but when trouble comes my way, I don’t run, she said.”

“Instead of you to worry about the delegates with Fayose, in order to have free and fair primaries, Princess Adekemi Adewunmi is your worries. well done.

“Olujimi told a friend that I, Princess Adekemi Adewunmi will be saying I know OBJ and ATIKU, so what Olujimi, it is a big deal ooo, yes oooo, tell be who doesn’t want to be close to the head, why should that be your headache, I really don’t understand you ooo.

“Olujimi said; ATIKU can never drop her and carry Princess Adekemi Adewunmi in Ekiti State, Ko possible. Yet lies again, who is competing with Olujimi. I have known OBJ and ATIKU, before you dreamt of meeting them, that is a fact, they know i am extremely loyal to them, i am more like a family, not just political associate like you to them.

Please ask Olujimi, last Primaries/Election 2019, who she worked for? Was it not Saraki. While Fayose worked for Tambuwa, lo ba tan.

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Ekiti State was O ground zero for Atiku in 2019, despite all ATIKU did for Ekiti State, it never got to some Atiku loyal groups, but God still placed Oga ATIKU on top, against all odds. Now they are warming up to ATIKU again, no wahala, you are all welcome, there is room for everyone to come on board, Oga ATIKU has a big heart, he loves everyone, ready to work with everyone and carries everyone along, the good, the bad and the ugly. Just let us all be honest and don’t betray ATIKU again, period. I rest my case.

My Oga ATIKU, 2023 shine your eyes 👀 ooooo. I remain loyal.

Let us give room to new generation to grow in Ekiti State please, enough is enough. Let them too start counting their blessings, ranks and achievements too.

It is well. This Gladiators are not God oooo. My enemies will never rejoice over me, in Jesus Mighty name. What is in me, is bigger than you.”

“Olujimi said she has declared war on me, you better let us calm down, you are the Senator, I have nothing to lose, I am not in any office yet ooo, you can never rubbish me please, stop harassing, bullying and threatening me, just let me be please, enough is enough.”

“As much as you claimed you are upset with me, I am extremely upset with you too, you have offended too many times, yet, I respected you a lot, even though I knew long time ago that you don’t like me, no big deal, I am okay with that. You don’t feel me and never assisted me. You can never like me, that is a fact, my background and pedigree means value and can not be not compared . At least I know your stand now.”

“You have never supported me, even during my House of Representatives primaries 2019, you never supported me, instead, you ran me down. At least Fayose, took time to Explain his stand to me, He appealed to me to step down for his anointed son Bisi Kolawole, I refused and Fayose scattered the primaries and imposed Bisi Kolawole as a candidate and yet Bisi Kolawole failed to deliver PDP 2019. So I appreciate Fayose for his honesty. At least, he scattered my our primaries and failed to deliver.”

”We all have to learn working together, instead of personal interest and greed for money/power. The good Lord, will take control.”

▪️Princess Adekemi Adewunmi

Ekiti Gubernatorial Aspirant 2022.

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