Who Will Repair The System If Not You? Buhari Finally Speaks To The Youths In The Language They Understand.

Who Will Repair The System If Not You? Buhari Finally Speaks To The Youths In The Language They Understand (Egungun Be Careful)


By Prince Lahbash

E don happen

I don tell am

Motor don jam am

Him family don carry am

Egungun be careful na express you dey go

Some years ago I wrote on the president’s response to the Governors hypocritical acts and the implications in our polity.

Now some few days ago Buhari practically naked the State Governors and exposed their deceit, since the accusation by the President that Governors shortchange Local Council Chairmen with at least 70 % of their approved allocation there have been agitations in some quarters for the Governors to come out and defend themselves. Unfortunately, no single  Governor has come out to debunk the weighty accusations.

In the tense of still baffling with Buhari wounded reality, my state Governor Prince Dapo Abiodun could still go out to present paper works to Gen. Muhammed Buhari at Abuja, meanwhile his counterpart in Lagos invited the same president to commission projects few days ago… Was that not shameful of him and disgrace to the state youths?

During the same interview that brought Buhari to Lagos State project commissioning, the President also lashed out at the youths and spoke in the language they could understand. Wonderful!

“Nobody is going to invest in an insecure environment. So I told them, I said they should tell the youths that if they want jobs, they will behave themselves,” Buhari said. “Make sure that the area is secure. So that people can come in and invest.”

The sentence Egungun (Masquerade) be careful, Na express road you dey go is a bit of warning advising about preventing going astray – a pathway that could lead to destruction.

In the words of the Egungun crooner , Obesere. The Fuji singer explained that a masquerade’s face is masked and he needs a guide to lead him.

Thus, when the guide and the masquerade were heading towards the express, the former tried to warn the latter about the express road by calling him “Egungun” because his name cannot be exposed but the masquerade failed to listen so he got knocked down by a car.

Before I go further permit me to define the word “Youths”, in Nigeria today the word Youth is the most misinterpreted term in our political and social lexicon hence you see political party youth chairmen at the age of 50 and above.

Sagamu Local Government in Ogun State side of South-West is producing the most youthful candidates from all parties in this forthcoming 2021 LG Election, we shall be following religiously to checkmate them and anyone that eventually emerge as the executive chairman should be well prepared to deliver diligently so as not to disappoint we youths that have been clamouring for youths are not too young to rule and lead.

Youth may be define as the time of life when one is young and often means the time between childhood and adulthood (maturity).

The United Nations, for statistical purposes, defines ‘youth’, as those persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years, without prejudice to other definitions by the Member States.

I am almost in my mid 30’s and definitely not to be youth any longer soon probably in a decade to this time, the fact that I am not going to be a youth then does not make me not to be “YOUTHFUL”.

So let us get these definitions open so we can proceed with a clear conscience. As youths what are the expectations of society?

Get educated, have good morals, ethics and values. Respect the traditional system and learn dedicatedly with a sense of discipline.

Then as adults society expects more of a leadership role having pruned oneself of youthful exuberances. These are processes in life, just like how the child must sit before he/she learns to crawl then walk.

Nature can never be cheated. The president once again gave it to the youths in their coins, every day Buhari gets vindicated in places of work environments. It is very common to hear a director using the word Lazy Youth on their staff.

Gbasgbos, Buhari has been killing the beats since, at this juncture I would analyse the youth of today with the youths of decades ago and let us ask ourselves who would repair the system?

I would base my submissions on two broad divisions in other not to make my article too bulky. The REAL YOUTH and HYPOCRITICAL YOUTHS.


The real youths as defined by the United Nations and the hypocritical youths as represented by the age group between 30 and 49. From 50 and above would be classified as the ruling class, the elders.

What foundation does the teenager have before becoming a youth in Nigeria today? When I was growing up we were having debates in schools and so many other educational activities, like belonging to girls guide, royal boys, chess clubs and others. Today do we have such in our society aside from a pocket FEW?

Please listen with an open mind devoid of political or tribal affiliations to get my points. Today this foundation is missing in our system, even history is no longer in our school curriculum thereby erasing pieces of evidence of how the Nigerian child was developed right from when he was given birth.

Schools have no single educational activities for their students who are meant to be FUTURE LEADERS. No training, no preparation for greatness, nothing visionary at all.

Now as youths that are eager to get educated we were adventurous and we knew just a few drugs, actually, INDIAN HEMP was the main drug that was feared, we only heard of crack and cocaine on TV screens. But today the secondary school student takes an average of six different drugs and still gets unsatisfied.

To cut the matter short our generation between the ages of 35-49 have failed the Nation and the coming generation which is the supposed youths between 15 – 30 are in the words of the President lazy youths. Me I go call dem CONDEMN YOUTHS.(come beat me for my comfort zone now).

Even in terms of the relationship between children and their parents, girlfriends and boyfriends etc can not even be compared.

Now did this present generation of leaders, 50-80 fail as YOUTHS? Lol, these people did awesome as youths but failed as Adults.(leaders)

Check out the youthful years of these leaders like Buhari who was a Governor at 27 or thereabout or Gowon who was a President as a bachelor, or Olusola Saraki who was already an astute politician at 25, or was it Enahoro that was already a renowned parliamentarian in his thirties abi na Awo or Zik not to talk of Balewa done to Obj and Mko we want to talk about their youth age?

Our youths today don’t even have focus, people that can do rituals just to drive Mercedes Benz would grow up and become Governor and you expect magic?

If our professors that were winning debates and quiz at the age these present youths are doing rituals became governors and failed us is it now the youths using their girlfriends to do rituals to buy Benz that will succeed as governors?

Haba u too think ham na , Goat must always born goat. E nṣe ọmọ ri oyá ba bi ri ọ nma jọ dan? (Speaking Ijebu my local dialect) “Hedgehog will always born and reproduce a duplicate of itself”

Youths that can’t work, or don’t you know some so-called youths are not even ready to work even when offered jobs and yet they destroy the little these failed elders built for them to develop upon.

Buhari is right, let them keep destroying, whether they like it or not in less than two years time now, Buhari and majority of his colleagues would be out of the stage.

So who now repairs the country? This is what should be the concern of all well-meaning Nigerians and like I always say: ”truth no dey break teeth”. Yes o!, e don late but Oyinbo say it is beta late than never.

My generation between the ages of 18 and 35-49 should be ready to repair the system systematically.

The truth is that we have failed Nigerians by not filling the gap which our failed elders did. When they were at our age they behaved better and Nigeria was well administered at least there were no sufferings like the way it is prevalent today.

We have been busy pursuing careers that if we don’t take care may become useless if eventually the power skips us and goes to these youths that the President refers to as Lazy Youths.

Then Nigerian would be cremated, stop whining and get involved, step into a political party and impact the last of the good training we had as youths,  we were privileged to be well trained with culture and discipline by our parents. We must have an eight years plan to get into the system and take charge, at 50 and above when should then have been well prepared.

Then as parents, let us start teaching our kids the way we were taught when growing up, respect your country, respect your parents, give respect to neighbours and live a godly life. If we start bringing up a new crop of leaders from birth in 25 years Nigeria would be great by default.

Let me define the current state of Nigeria to wrap this up.

“Our present leaders failed us as Elders, while the present Adults failed to fit in as youths, with the present youths currently on a path of destruction.”

So you can see we all have failed NIGERIA and only a reawakening can bring a rebirth. We must guide the coming generation by every means necessary, success is not a day’s work we must be ready to pay the sacrifices.

God bless Nigeria.

Egungun be careful na express you dey go.

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