International Women’s Day falls on the 8th of March every year. It’s a day where women are recognized and appreciated for all their hard work and dedication. International Women’s day is a day when women get an appreciation for all their hard work and effort to maintain their lives and the lives of others around them.

The African Action Congress (AAC) is such a party that stands with all oppressed women. We condemn the apathy against women in the new Electoral Act. We ask that all good women of Nigeria stand up and vote for candidates that would respect our rights and never treat us as second-hand citizens. This is why we are presenting to all women our leader Omoyele Sowore, Omolara Alagbala stated.

“Today is a day to show the women in your lives how much you care and love them. It’s a day which is celebrated around the world with a lot of love and happiness. It’s an occasion where you show the women in your life how much their existence means to you.”

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Schools and colleges are becoming more open to celebrating days like International Women’s Day.

Women are the salt of the nation and I advocate for gender equality and space for us to run the affairs of the nation, subjecting us to the kitchen and bedroom will never be accepted, subsiding women culturally and ethnically will be a thing of the past, because women are now rising to the occasion, Alagbala advocates.

“Women’s Day has become a custom every year now and is celebrated for the women around us. All these women deserve respect, love, care, and happiness. The empowerment of women is a great responsibility that all these women need. The world becomes a better place when women don’t feel the hardships to exist.”

it feels nice to have a day to celebrate the achievements of women. Thus, on this international women’s day, let’s recognize the significance of women in our lives and on society and inspire them for greater future achievements. As they can contribute equally to the home, society, and nation.

No woman No nation!

Gender equality for today and sustainability for tomorrow.

Happy International Women’s day!!

Comrade Omolara Alagbala,

Lagos AAC Women Leader.

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