YORUBA NATION DIARY: This is a picture between 1967/68 of Nigerians in Europe (most likely England) protesting against the killings during the civil war in Nigeria. 

This is a picture(between 1967/68) of Nigerians in Europe(most likely England) protesting against the  killings during the civil war in Nigeria. 

Note that apart from placards showing messages condemning the war in Nigeria and condemnation of the role of the British, also notice a protester carrying Yoruba Oduduwa placard agitating for their own land (nation)  This is an enough evidence to show that even as far as those years, the yorubas didn’t even want to be part of the geographical  expression called NIGERIA which was just a name on paper.

There has never been a ONE NIGERIA. It’s all a scam. It’s a slogan used by the Arewa North to keep their hold on power and be a parasite on Southern wealth. 

It was the British that handed over all the nations in the Geographical expression called Nigeria to the Northern fulani oligarchy.

We are never the same or compatible people, the British did not consider our marked differences because of their own self interest, said by an agitator


History said In 1960, This 27-Year-Old Man Campaigned That Yorubaland Should Be Separated From Nigeria

Mr. Modiyu Adeniyi

If you think that the current secessionists that are agitating that Yoruba should be separated from Nigeria are the first to come up with such motives, then I guess you should read about this man.

He is Mr. Modiyu Adeniyi Osinowo, a Headmaster who was 27-year-old during the time he led a campaign that Yorubaland should separate from Nigeria.

In year 1960, during the celebration of Nigeria’s independence, Mr Osinowo was provoked by the kind of treatment that was given to Chief Obafemi Awolowo, he then led a one-person campaign that Yoruba should be given its own sovereignty and sepate from Nigeria like Pakistan separated from India.

In his words, he said ” Let’s have our own Pakistan, if they could rubbish Awo like this, they will start defecating on us sooner or later, let’s have our own sovereignty”.

5 years later, Mr. Modiyu Adeniyi was assassinated.

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